Michael Mcbeth ½-½ Keith Rockett
Bob Heyman ½-½ Dave Hair
Dave Stebbings 0-1 Dave Jarema
Tony Neville 1-0 Dave Mear
Gary Clarke 0-1 Ray Garside

Monday 04th April 2016

Kevin Cox 1-0 Default
Gagik Abaryan 0-1 Alan Young
Peter Wells 1-0 Dave Stewardson
Bill Noble 1-0 Colin Mcgarty
Alex Johnson ½-½ Rob Appleby

Thursday 07th April 2016

Jeff Bentham 0-1 John Harton
Rolf Millar 0-1 Harry Robinson
Steve Bowey 1-0 David Watson
Tom Macallister 0-1 Barrie Crowther
Stewart Skelsey 1-0 Andrew Levy

Friday 08th April 2016

Peter Crichton ½-½ Roy Bagnall
Derek Blair ½-½ Geoff Harrison
Dave Foster Jr 0-1 John France
Steve Larkin 0-1 Martin Beardsley
Bruce Reed 1-0 Brian Ord

Tuesday 05th April 2016

The Northumberland Congress will be held from Friday 23rd September 2016 until Sunday 25th September 2016. The ECF Jan 2016 grading list will be used for entries but Aug 2016 for pairing. Again, the open will be FIDE rated. The Congress will be held at:

The Parks Leisure Centre,
Howdon Road,
Royal Quays
North Shields,
North Tyneside,
NE29 6TL

For more information Download The Entry Form

Zheming Zhang 0-1 Clive Waters
Jesus Urresti 1-0 David Henderson
Robert Archer 0-1 Mike Riding
Andy Trevelyandave 1-0 John Clarke
Dave Walshaw ½-½ Gary Cornwall

Friday 18th March 2016

Stan Johnson 0-1 Mike Smith
Gary Hunter 1-0 Mark Broughton
Brendan Glasper 0-1 Charlie Mooney
Alan Blackburn 1-0 Jacob Danniker
Brian Telford 1-0 Def

Thursday 17th March 2016