The Northumberland Chess League is the premier local chess competition for players in Newcastle, Northumberland and Tyneside. In 2018-19 the league has 30 teams of five, representing twelve clubs, with over 150 players regularly taking part. Our season runs from October to April, but new players may join in at any point. For more information on getting involved please see our Clubs page, or email

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Leam Lane Bullets 0.5-4.5 Morpeth B

Posted by Lewis on November 2, 2016

Jason Daglish 0-1 James Turner
Dave Stewardson 0-1 Bob Mitcheson
Rob Appleby 0-1 Les Whittle
Colin Mcgarty 0-1 John Horton
Clive Briggs ½-½ Harry Robinson

Tuesday 01st November 2016

South Shields B 0-5 Durham City

Posted by Lewis on October 29, 2016

Brian Towers 0-1 Thomas Eggliston
Dave Patterson 0-1 P Bergner
Kevin Rowden 0-1 Ken Neat
Colin Campbell 0-1 Szymon Palucha
Dominik Schwarz 0-1 Robin Nandi

Thursday 27th October 2016

Tynemouth C 5-0 Forest Hall F

Posted by Lewis on October 28, 2016

Christian Smith 1-0 Mark Broughton
Lewis Self 1-0 Charlie Mooney
Bill Penny 1-0 Varun Boora
Tom Hulley 1-0 Sai Kumar
Joe Murrey 1-0 Suyash Dhull

Tuesday 25th October 2016

South Shields C 2.5-2.5 Morpeth C

Posted by Lewis on October 28, 2016

Ben Wood 0-1 Martin Shaw
Stan Johnson ½-½ Harry Robinson
Asanga Gunasekera 0-1 David Watson
Mike Savin 1-0 Andrew Levy
Brendan Glasper 1-0 David Armstrong

Friday 07th October 2016

Forest Hall Dragoons 3.5-1.5 Alnwick B

Posted by Lewis on October 27, 2016

Jeff Bentham 0-1 Ralph Firth
Steve Bowey 1-0 Richard Perry
Jeff Baird ½-½ Michael Sergeant
Rolf Millar 1-0 Christopher Cox
Ian Rook 1-0 Joe Helmsley

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Leam Lane Aces 2.5-2.5 Jesmond Knights

Posted by Lewis on October 26, 2016

David Walker 1-0 Malola Prasath
Kyrill Gara 0-1 Ed Dodds
John Marsh 1-0 John Turnock
Jason Dalgleish 0-1 Andy Trevelyan
Alan Young ½-½ Liam Dobson

Tuesday 25th October 2016

Gosforth Regents 0.5-4.5 Morpeth A

Posted by Lewis on October 25, 2016

Michael Mcbeth ½-½ Roger Coathup
David Baynes 0-1 Mike Smyth
John France 0-1 Richard Symonds
Dave Stebbings 0-1 James Turner
Paul Costello 0-1 Phil Eastlake

Monday 24th October 2016

Eligibility after week 1-2

Posted by Chris Goodall on October 24, 2016

Black – player is tied to this team
Red italics – player has used up their 1 free game on board 3 for this team

Alnwick A: P Hemsley, P Castledine, R Firth

Forest Hall Admirals: T Wall, Z Zhang, M Seeber
Forest Hall Brigadiers: S Skelsey, M Arora, J Wall snr
Forest Hall Chieftains: Y Han, M Smith, H Zaman

Gosforth Salters: G Harrison, K Moreby, P Sumner
Gosforth Ivy: E Jarah, R Heyman, A Neville

Leam Lane Aces: D Walker, K Gara, J Marsh

Morpeth A: R Coathup, M Smyth, R Symonds

South Shields A: J Watson, P Niedbal, P Bielby
South Shields B: B Towers, D Patterson, K Rowden

Tynedale Tans: K Mosnegutu, M Mosnegutu, T Wrigley

Tynemouth A: C Waters, P Dargan, M Riding
Tynemouth B: K Rockett, D Jarema, S Burnell

Gateshead 2.5-2.5 Alnwick A

Posted by Lewis on October 21, 2016

Peter Wells 0-1 Phil Helmsley
Kevin Cox ½-½ Paul Castledine
Bill Noble ½-½ Ralph Firth
Nikolajus Litvisko 1-0 Joe Pharoah
Alec Johnson ½-½ Richard Perry

Tuesday 19th January 2016

Morpeth B 2-3 Gosforth Ivy

Posted by Lewis on October 21, 2016

Geoff Loxham ½-½ Ted Jarah
Robert Mitcheson 1-0 Bob Heyman
John Horton ½-½ Tony Neville
Martin Shaw 0-1 Gary Clarke
Harry Robinson 0-1 Steve Wilde

Wednesday 19th October 2016