Alnwick A 2-3 South Shields B

Posted by Lewis on January 17, 2018

George Ellames ½-½ Brian Towers
Ralph Firth ½-½ Kevin Rowden
Default 0-1 Eddie Czestachioski
Richard Perry 1-0 Colin Campbell
Isaac Mills 0-1 Chris Sayers

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Tynemouth D 1.5-3.5 Leam Lane Bullets

Posted by Lewis on January 16, 2018

Dennis White 0-1 Jason Daglish
Richard Oxnard ½-½ Alan Young
Phil Jackson ½-½ Colin McGarty
Peter Combellack ½-½ Rob Appleby
Bob Batten 0-1 Joe Millar

Tuesday 16th January 2018

Gosforth Regents 3-2 Tynedale Reivers

Posted by Lewis on January 16, 2018

David Stebbings 0-1 Peter Crichton
David Baynes 0-1 James Ross
Martin Beardsley 1-0 Steve Larkin
Kurt Moreby 1-0 Derek Blair
Paul Costello 1-0 Dave Humphreys

Monday 15th January 2018

Forest Hall Dragoons 5-0 Forest Hall G

Posted by Lewis on January 15, 2018

S Bowey 1-0 Patrick Pearson
Jeff Bentham 1-0 Kuba Jakubowicz
Jeff Baird 1-0 Tony Gao
Rolf Millar 1-0 DEFAULT
Tom McAlister 1-0 Ankur Sawant

Friday 12th January 2018

Forest Hall F 4-1 Leam Lane Comets

Posted by Lewis on January 14, 2018

Weiming Xu 1-0 Rob Appleby
Ian Towad ½-½ Clive Briggs
Ciaran Macdonald 1-0 Joe Millar
Ryan Duff ½-½ Dan Fenton
Morgan French 1-0 Bill Wilkinson

Friday 12th January 2018

The Bowes Hotel Chess

Posted by Lewis on January 12, 2018

Message from David Foster

I have been offered the use of a free room on a Tuesday evening at my local hotel by the new management at: The Bowes Hotel, Bardon Mill, Northumberland (located between Hexham and Haltwhistle). If any of the membership would consider meeting for a few friendly games or is even interested in helping me in setting up a new club, could they email me and pass on their details. The Hotel is easily found with ample parking, most adult beverages are served and later this year there will be food available in the room up to approximately 8pm.

County Championship Round 3 Results (2017-18)

Posted by Lewis on January 12, 2018


13Moreby James2061 – 0Boyd John1916
25Dargan Paul195½ – ½Coathup Roger1974
39Han Yichen1781 – 01Zhang Zheming1848
41Walker David21311 – 01Skelsey Stuart16612
57Henderson David19110 – 11Wall Tim2082
614Arora Manoj144½½ – ½1Riding Mick17210
711Trevelyan Andy1690½ – ½0Robson Paul16113


15Smith Mike15320 – 12Laws Darren1681
22Bielby Paul16721 – 02Arora Manoj14413
39Rowden Kevin14711 – 0½Robson Paul1613
44Marsh John1541½ – ½1Walshaw David14414
515Clarke John14111 – 01Younger Mark1507
68Wall (Jnr) John148½1 – 01Smith Christian14512
710Burnell Steve146½0 – 1½France John14511
86Mitcheson Robert15201bye


13Moreby Kurt131½ – ½2Baird Jeff1237
26Noble William1260 – 1Rook Ian1285
31Cox Kevin13611 – 01Xu Weiming1139
42Czestochowski Eddie13411 – 01Johnson Stan11110
58Heyman Bob1201½ – ½1Gunasekera Asanga10211
612Appleby Rob931+ – –½Self Lewis1314
713Glasper Brendan8400 – 10Miller Joe8014

Tynedale Tans 1.5-3.5 Forest Hall Brigadiers

Posted by Lewis on January 12, 2018

Gary Murphy ½-½ Mark Younger
David Wrigley ½-½ Martin Seeber
Tim Wrigley ½-½ Mike Smith
Peter Crichton 0-1 John Wall Jnr
Ian Mackay 0-1 Mark Broughton

Thursday 11th January 2018

Morpeth C 3-2 South Shields C

Posted by Lewis on January 11, 2018

David Ramsey ½-½ Colin Campbell
Harry Robinson 0-1 David Peardon
Barrie Crowther ½-½ Chris Sayer
Gary Pollard 1-0 Mike Savin
Dennis Patterson 1-0 Jay Steel

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Durham City 1-4 Gosforth Empire

Posted by Lewis on January 10, 2018

Thomas Eggleston 0-1 James Moreby
Ken Neat 0-1 Andrew Lawson
Szymon Palucha ½-½ Joseph Dalton
Douglas Smith ½-½ Michael McBeth
Robin Nandi 0-1 Mick Riding

Wednesday 10th January 2018