Forest Hall Admirals 1-4 Tynemouth A

Posted by Lewis on October 24, 2015

Martin Seeber 0-1 Clive Waters
Manoj Arora 0-1 David Henderson
Ravi Wariyar 0-1 John Clarke
Mark Younger 1-0 Gary Cornwall
Mike Smith 0-1 Darren Laws

Friday 23rd October 2015

Durham City 3-2 South Shields A

Posted by Lewis on October 22, 2015

Thomas Eggleston 1-0 John Boyd
Ken Neat ½-½ Joe Watson
Szymon Palucha 0-1 Paul Bielby
George Gazis ½-½ Simon Mcguinness
Douglas Smith 1-0 Ian Maughan

Wednesday 21st October 2015

Leam Lane Aces 3-2 Jesmond Rookies

Posted by Lewis on October 21, 2015

David Walker 1-0 John Turnock
Nick Tavoularis 1-0 Zieming Zhang
Kyrill Gara 1-0 Robert Archer
John Marsh 0-1 Andy Trvelyon
Robert Forsyth 0-1 David Walshaw

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Tynedale Tans 3.5-1.5 Gosforth Regents

Posted by Lewis on October 21, 2015

Klauss Mosnegutu 1-0 Paul Costello
Mariana Mosnegutu ½-½ Paul Sumner
David Wrigley 1-0 Dave Baynes
Gary Murphy 1-0 Kurt Moreby
Peter Crichton 0-1 Martin Beardsley

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Gosforth Empire 3-2 Morpeth A

Posted by Lewis on October 19, 2015

David Armbruster 0-1 Roger Coathup
Paul Janiak 0-1 Mike Smyth
Alan Harvey 1-0 Les Whittle
James Moreby 1-0 John Horton
Micheal Mcbeth 1-0 Geoff Loxham

Monday 19th October 2015

South Shields B 3.5-1.5 Gateshead

Posted by Lewis on October 17, 2015

Brian Towers 1-0 Kevin Cox
Kevin Rowden 0-1 Peter Wells
Dave Patterson 1-0 Gagik Abaryan
Colin Campbell ½-½ Bill Noble
Asanga Gunasekera 1-0 Alex Johnson

Thursday 15th October 2015

Forest Hall Chieftains 1-4 Forest Hall Brigadiers

Posted by Lewis on October 17, 2015

John Wall Senior 0-1 Jeff Bentham
Paul Charlton ½-½ Steve Black
Mark Broughton 0-1 Rolf Millar
John Wall Junior ½-½ Steve Bowey
Keith Brooks 0-1 Tom Mcallister

Friday 16th October 2015

Forest Hall Ensigns 2.5-2.5 Newcastle University

Posted by Lewis on October 17, 2015

Jeff Baird ½-½ Rose Wabuti
Jose Grueso 1-0 Senan Almashta
Jamie Mcintosh 0-1 Michael Knight
Weiming Xu 1-0 Liam Heron
Dennis Shippen 0-1 Olly Higgs

Friday 16th October 2015

Forest Hall Dragoons 1.5-7.5 South Shields C

Posted by Lewis on October 16, 2015

Mike Smith 1-0 Eddie Czestochowski
Tatjana Kisseljov ½-½ Ben Wood
Oliver Wall 0-1 Asanga Gunasekera
Varno Booka 0-1 Stan Johnson
Sophia Kisseljov 0-1 Mike Savin
Alex Bradwell 0-1 Dave Parlour
Tanvi Manchenini 0-1 Gary Hunter
William Taverner 0-1 Brendan Glasper
Tony Gao 0-1 Allan Blackburn

Friday 16th October 2015

Scarborough Chess Congress

Posted by Lewis on October 15, 2015

The 2015 Scarborough Chess Congress event is booked to be held at the Spa Centre, Scarborough from 23-25 October. As always there will be events for all strengths of player. You can enter online on the website by clicking here, Email for more information.

Anyone who is planning on going to the Scarborough Chess Congress but haven’t got transport arranged yet, contact Remi Junges-Stainthorpe. He has two spaces in his car for the trip for anyone willing to split the petrol costs. His email is: