Grading Officer to-do list

Nothing reassures an anxious public like a fixed-width table. Party like it’s 1989!

Rec = received. Sub = submitted.

                        Dec     Jun
Northumberland        Rec Sub Rec Sub  
League                Yes Yes Yes No
Summer Knockout '18   No
Summer Knockout '19   ---In Progress---
Individual Champs     Yes Yes Yes No
Congress '18          Yes Yes
Not held: Rapidplay '18. No info: Rapidplay '19. Dec '19 list: Congress '19.

Gosforth              No      Yes No
Morpeth               Yes Yes No  No
South Shields         Yes No  No
Tynedale              No      Yes No
Tynemouth             Yes Yes No
No info from: Alnwick, Forest Hall, Gateshead, Jesmond, Leam Lane, Newcastle University.

                        Dec     Jun
Durham                Rec Sub Rec Sub
League                Yes Yes Yes No
Individual Champs     No      No
Ungraded: Ron Evers '18, Ron Evers '19. 
Not held: Congress '18, Rapidplay '18. No info: Congress '19, Rapidplay '19.

Bishop Auckland       Yes Yes Yes No
Durham City           No      No
Cleveland grader doing: Darlington, Hartlepool, Peterlee. No info from: Hetton Lyons.

                        Dec     Jun 
Darlington            Rec Sub Rec Sub
League                No      Yes No
                        Dec     Jun
NCCU                  Rec Sub Rec Sub
Club Championships            Yes No
County Matches        Yes Yes Yes No

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