Eligibility after weeks 11-13

Players who have now become tied to a team and ineligible for lower-ranked teams:

Bielby, Paul (South Shields A)
Costello, Paul (Gosforth Regents)
Dalton, Joseph (Gosforth Empire)
France, John (Gosforth Regents)
Henderson, David (Tynemouth A)
Millar, Rolf (Forest Hall Dragoons)
Richards, Paul (Morpeth B)
Wrigley, David (Tynedale Tans)

Players who have now used their free board 3 game. These players will become tied to a team, and ineligible for lower-ranked teams, if they play again on board 3:

Chan, Joe (Gosforth Ivy)
Trevelyan, Andy (Jesmond Knights)
Shaw, Martin (Morpeth B)

Black – player is tied to this team
Red italics – player has used up their 1 free game on board 3 for this team
Underlined: changes from the previous eligibility list

Alnwick A: P Hemsley, P Castledine, G Ellames, R Firth

Forest Hall Admirals: T Wall, Z Zhang, M Seeber
Forest Hall Brigadiers: S Skelsey, M Arora, J Wall snr, R Wariyar, M Younger, Y Han
Forest Hall Chieftains: Y Han, M Smith, H Zaman, J Bentham
Forest Hall Dragoons: S Bowey, J Baird, R Millar
Forest Hall Ensigns: R Perrier, A Brodie, T McAllister, K Brooks, M Broughton

Gosforth Empire: J Moreby, D Armbruster, J Wheeler, J Dalton
Gosforth Regents: M McBeth, D Baynes, P Costello, J France, D Stebbings
Gosforth Salters: G Harrison, K Moreby, P Sumner, D Stebbings
Gosforth Ivy: E Jarah, R Heyman, A Neville, M Beardsley, G Clarke, J Chan

Jesmond Knights: M Prasath, E Dodds, J Turnock, J UrrestiC Izod, A Trevelyan

Leam Lane Aces: D Walker, K Gara, J Marsh

Morpeth A: R Coathup, M Smyth, R SymondsJ Turner
Morpeth B: R Mitcheson, G Loxham, J Horton, L WhittleA Welsh, P Richards, M Shaw

South Shields A: J Boyd, J Watson, P Niedbal, Bielby,  I Maughan
South Shields B: B Towers, D Patterson, K Rowden

Tynedale Tans: K Mosnegutu, M Mosnegutu, D Wrigley, T Wrigley

Tynemouth A: C Waters, P Dargan, M Riding, D Henderson
Tynemouth B: K Rockett, D Jarema, S Burnell
Tynemouth C: C Smith, L Self, W Penny, A Moneva-Jordan, J Morton

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