The green and red highlights show which teams have a strong chance of demotion or promotion at the end of the season. The final decision will be up to the league conductor based on the amount of entries for next season. Currently there are two slots for promotion and demotion.

Division One

Team NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesGame PointsMatch Points
Gosforth Empire98103517
Forest Hall Admirals85212312
Morpeth A104332611
Durham City85032610
Forest Hall Brigadiers742118.510
Tynemouth A924319.58
Gosforth Salters9153187
Leam Lane Aces922520.56
South Shields A813415.55
Jesmond Knights721415.55
Tynedale Tans801712.51

Division Two

Team NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesGame PointsMatch Points
Forest Hall Chieftains952228.512
Gosforth Regents860222.512
Tynemouth C95042510
Tynemouth B724118.58
Morpeth B6321168
South Shields B8314197
Newcastle University6303146
Tynedale Reivers6303146
Gosforth Ivy713315.55
Alnwick A7205154

Division Three

Team NamePlayedWinsDrawsLossesGame PointsMatch Points
Gosforth V862025.514
Forest Hall Dragoons95222712
Leam Lane Bullets860226.512
Tynemouth D95222612
South Shields C942325.510
Forest Hall Ensigns833220.59
Morpeth C922519.56
Leam Lane Comets714214.56
South Shields D8215155
Forest Hall F920717.54
Forest Hall G600670