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Posted by Chris Goodall on March 23, 2019

Division 1 winner: Max Turner. Max scored 94% from 9 games; no other qualifying player managed 80%.

Division 2 winner: Stuart Skelsey on 88% beats out Gary Cornwall on 87%. Gary can feel aggrieved about running into Mick Riding in Division 2, but Stuart can point to a perfect score as a guest star in Division 1. Stuart and Gary were miles ahead of 3rd place.

Division 3 winner: TBC, as Asa Bayram, George Ellames and Peter Wells all have an interest in the outstanding Gateshead-Alnwick match.

Special Leaderboard Award: Paul Edwards, who didn’t play quite well enough in Division 1 or quite often enough in Division 2, but comes out with 8½/10 if the divisions are combined.

Endurance Award: Tim Wilton-Davies and Alan Welsh. Please come back next season?

Beachgoers should be aware that the recent warmer waters may attract larger than average marine life from the Mediterranean.

Eligibility Rule Experts: Ray Devenney and Jay Steel, 17 games each – almost a full season for 2 different teams.

Upside-Down Award: Eddie Czestochowski. 100% score in Division 1, 57% in Division 2, 0% in Division 3.

Symmetry Award: Andrew Lawson. 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats.

Talisman Award: Jeremy Revell. 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats, and in all 6 of those matches the team’s result was the same as Jeremy’s result.

For The Flag! Award: Mike Smyth. 4 times ended up on the losing side despite winning his game.

Mic Drop Award: Anu Chandra. Played for Leam Lane Aces against Morpeth A, scored the full point to win his team the match 3-2, and retired for the season.

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