County Championship 2017-18 Results

Posted by Lewis on May 21, 2018

All of the games from the 7th and final round of this year’s County Championship have now been played. An interesting statistic this season is that around 90% of those of you that played in the previous year entered again. And the other 10% had understandable reasons for not entering this year such as the arrival of babies!

This season we welcomed a collection of new players to these competitions that haven’t played in the last few years: David Walker, Paul Robson, Paul Bielby, Kevin Rowden, Ian Rook, Brendan Glasper and Joe Miller. These new players injected a significant level of further competition and helped to continue the year on year improvement in the playing strength of each section.

All of the sections within this year’s County Championship progressed in reasonable alignment with the tournament schedule and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for enabling this to be achieved.

A final thank you to Kurt Moreby for organising the county championship this year. Well done for organising another successful year.

Both the Sell and Gilroy have been won by octogenarians. The Sell was dominated by Paul Bielby who scored an impressive 6.5 out of 7. The Gilroy was won, yet again, by Bill Noble after a last round victory against Eddie Czestochowski. This year’s Zollner is not yet concluded with James Moreby and David Walker both finishing on 5 points.

Here are the Final Ranking Tables (after the application of tie-break rules (BH score below) so that you can all see exactly where you finished).

2.1 Northumberland County Championship Zollner 2017-18
Final Ranking after 7 Rounds
13Moreby James206527
21Walker David213525½
35Dargan Paul19527
42Wall Tim208428½
59Han Yichen178427
64Coathup Roger197426
77Henderson David191422½
86Boyd John19125
910Riding  Mick17225
108Zhang Zheming184325
1113Robson Paul161320
1211Trevelyan Andy16918½
1312Skelsey Stuart166223
1414Arora Manoj144122½
2.2 Northumberland County Championship Sell 2017-18
Final Ranking after 7 Rounds
12Bielby Paul16725½
215Clarke John14128
31Laws Darren168527½
45Smith Mike153429
512Smith Christian145421½
614Walshaw David14426½
74Marsh John15424
89Rowden Kevin14724
97Younger Mark15023
108Wall (Jnr) John14822
116Mitcheson  Robert15220½
1210Burnell  Steve146320
1313Arora Manoj144227½
1411France John14522
153Robson Paul16121
2.3 Northumberland County Championship Gilroy 2017-18
Final Ranking after 7 Rounds
16Noble William12625½
25Rook Ian12828
32Czestochowski Eddie13428
47Baird Jeff12326½
53Moreby Kurt131427½
611Gunasekera Asanga102424
710Johnson Stan11124½
81Cox Kevin13624
99Xu Weiming11321
1014Miller Joe8020
118Heyman Bob120323½
1212Appleby Rob9324
1313Glasper Brendan84222


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