Here is a list of the current chess clubs located in Northumberland and Durham.

I want to get into chess. Where do I start?
Most of the clubs in Divisions 2 to 4 have regular opportunities for keen newcomers. Under the “board” system used in team chess events, the strongest player on a team is named to Board 1. The next strongest to Board 2 and so on down to Board 4. They face off against the player on the same board from the opposing team. So you’ll find the league’s strongest players on Board 1 in Division 1. Then the beginners on Board 4 in Division 4. How long it would take you to go from “how does the horse move” to “beginner” varies. Losing games of chess is a great learning experience. If you’re okay with the possibility of doing some heroic learning, there are clubs that will pick you for a league team almost immediately.

Of course, you don’t have to get into competitive play as soon as possible. There are lots of players who go along to clubs just for fun. Check the descriptions below when you’re choosing between the clubs. Although some clubs don’t have regular meetings outside of their league fixtures.

I want to get into a chess club and I’m under 18 / my child is under 18. Where do I start?
Gosforth and Forest Hall both run junior sections – on Saturday Morning and Friday night respectively. Simply post or (Forest Hall) for details. You can also post Northumbria Junior Chess Association for chess activity they are aware of. Other adult clubs have individual policies regarding juniors which may ask for a parent to be present. Please get in touch via and we’ll advise you how to proceed.

Northumberland Clubs


Thursday 7.30pm – just turn up
Alnwick RFC, Greensfield Avenue, Alnwick NE66 1BE
How to get in touch: visit the clubs website
Opportunities for league chess: Possibly, their single team seems to have quite a few reserves already. Go along and beat a few of the regulars, and who knows?
Opportunities for social chess: Plenty. They’re in the unique situation of playing all their league matches, home and away at Morpeth Chess Club on Wednesdays. Their Thursday club nights are never disrupted by league fixtures and are purely for social and practice games.

Team Captains

Alnwick: Ralph Firth,


Wednesday 7.15pm – just turn up
Morpeth RFC, Grange House Field, Mitford Road, Morpeth NE61 1RJ
How to get in touch: visit the clubs website
Opportunities for league chess: There’s a title-chasing A team and a yo-yo B team. They could both do with at least two extra squad members. Sadly their 3rd Division team is no more, so please join Morpeth, everyone. Hopefully it can reappear next year!
Opportunities for social chess: There are usually a few players around to give you a game.


Thursday 7.00pm – just turn up (matches start at 7:15)

St Helen’s St, Corbridge NE45 5BE

How to get in touch: visit the club website

Opportunities for league chess: Generally good, but the stakes are high this season. New members will normally play a few matches in the South Tyne League to get themselves into shape for a Northumbria League Division 3 team that will be pushing hard for promotion. The Division 1 team will be fighting hard against relegation.
Opportunities for social chess: Excellent. The club is very well attended on non-league nights. If you’re after something more structured than 5-10 minute games, their club championship works on a ladder system. So you can play as many or little games as you want.

North Tyneside Clubs


Tuesday 7.30pm – just turn up
Hunting Lodge, Earsdon Road, Whitley Bay, NE25 9SX
How to get in touch: Email with a subject line (Tynemouth Chess Club)
Opportunities for league chess: Definitely. Tynemouth have four teams covering the entire range of abilities. Their 4th team needs a regular supply of willing beginners. Their first team have now gone a decade without a league title and would welcome another star or two to help them over the top.
Opportunities for social chess: Tynemouth have one of the most active club nights around. They even have a second internal competition designed for players who can’t commit to the formal club championship.


Monday 7:15pm – just turn up at Empire Club and Institute, 32-34 Salters Road, Newcastle NE3 1DX
or email or call Mick Riding 07852 192072. Definitely opportunities for league chess, there is a raft of internal club competitions for all levels and there’s always a casual opponent to be found on a Monday night. The club boasts a nice mixture of chess and social interaction with a regular attendance of 24+. Also visit .


Thursday (league matches 7.15pm, otherwise 8pm)

The Royal British Legion, 3 West Jesmond Avenue, Newcastle NE2 3EX

This season we meet weekly for social chess in a friendly environment with a good bar. The venue is situated very close to the West Jesmond Metro. Some Thursdays our top flight league team will be playing at home, but there will always the opportunity for drinks, chat and some casual chess. We have the use of both the bar and the upstairs room (away from the bar), and we welcome all ages and abilities. Feel free to just turn up, or contact Dave Walshaw on 07793 748199

Newcastle University

Thursday 6pm – contact first (and ideally be a student or faculty member)
Barbara Strang Teaching Centre NE1 8QB
How to get in touch: join the Facebook group

Forest Hall

Friday 7.30pm – just turn up at Forest Hall Social Club. Errington Terrace, Palmersville, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE12 9DQ

To find out more about the club visit

Forest Hall Chess Club runs five teams in the Northumberland league with an active membership spread between ages 6 years to 80+ and anyone who wants to play competitive chess in the league will be given that opportunity. 

It is a very friendly and welcoming club that tries to cater for all needs. There are always people in who want to play friendly, social games and others who are striving to improve their game.  But the groups are not exclusive, everyone is happy to play everyone else.

There is a desire to learn and improve, especially amongst the younger members, so there is an ongoing training programme for anyone who wishes to take part in it. This has been very successful over the years and has helped beginners become proficient league players and some even become county champion.

We meet on Friday nights.  The club is open from 5:15pm to 11pm and different members arrive and leave at different times. We will be pleased to meet you!!

South Tyneside & Durham Clubs

Durham City

Wednesday 7pm – just turn up
Antioch House, Crossgate, Durham DH1 4PR
How to get in touch: visit the clubs website or phone Ken Neat on 0191 3864795
Opportunities for league chess: At present the club has nearly 30 paid-up members and runs four teams in the Durham County League and one in the Northumbria League. There are opportunities for players of all standards.
Opportunities for social chess: Most Wednesdays between October and April there are matches or club championship games, but the club also has use of an additional room for friendly games, analysis and chat. On the occasional free night there is normally a talk or training session arranged. After the club, several members usually adjourn to The Woodman on Claypath for a drink and an entertaining post-mortem.
Douglas Smith runs a thriving junior section on Wednesdays from 5.45-6.45 pm. Ken Neat sends out a weekly newsletter with recent results, forthcoming events, games etc. And Paul Robson of Durham City is the driving force behind the North-East’s participation in the 4NCL, with two teams currently competing.


Thursday 7.15pm – contact first
Carlton Club Low Fell, 11 Belle Vue Bank, Gateshead NE9 6BQ
How to get in touch: email Peter Wells: peter[dot]wells[at]heraeus[dot]com

Opportunities for league chess: Yes. Gateshead are running 5-player teams in two county leagues and have a total membership of about 6. So they could use extra players!

Opportunities for social chess: Email and check – the club has lost quite a few members lately and it’s not clear whether club nights will get going again.

Leam Lane

Tuesday 7.15pm – contact first
Leam Lane WMC, Fewster Square, Gateshead NE10 8XQ

How to get in touch: Call Rob Appleby – 0191-421 9120 / 07850-115 170
Opportunities for league chess: Leam Lane Chess Club welcome players of all abilities and experience. The Club currently have three teams in the league with top Players competing in the first division and newer Members trying their hand in the lower leagues.

Opportunities for social chess: On most Tuesdays there will be Players at the Club, especially during the competitive season of October – April. There’ll always be the opportunity for a game or some post-game analysis to help you improve. If you’re travelling any distance, call ahead to ensure there’ll be someone at the club. We look forward to meeting you!

South Shields

Club Nights Thursday 7.00pm – 10.00pm.
League Match Games start at 7.15pm.
The New Ship Inn, 403 Sunderland Road, South Shields NE34 8DG
How to get in touch: email Stan Johnson – stanleyjohnson442[at]gmail[.com] or or visit the new clubs website

Opportunities for league chess: South Shields have undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years  and now offer opportunities to play in the Northumberland League and Durham Leagues. They currently run 5 teams.

Opportunities for social chess: Yes, the emphasis at the club is inclusiveness and the club runs a number of internal club competition, The Club Championship is an ECF graded tournament, others are ungraded. The club operates in the back room of the pub and on a busy match night it might seem quite full. We welcome new members, sometimes it is better to give us advance notice that you are planning to attend so that we can look out  for you. In either case we will give you a warm welcome.

South Shields Chess Club also run a Chess for All Session on a Saturday Afternoon 2pm until 3:45pm at The Word Central Library in South Shields. All levels welcome, it is the ideal opportunity and venue for Juniors, to get introduced to Chess. Training is offered to newcomers.

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