October 2019

Simon Matthews 1-0 Brian Towers
Chris Smith 1-0 Kevin Rowden
John Morton 0-1 Eddie Czestochowski
Keith Marshall ½-½ Lewis Self
Joe Murray ½-½ Chris Sayers

Tuesday 29th October 2019

John Marsh 1-0 Jeff Bentham
Dave Stewardson 1-0 Wiming Xu
Colin McGarty 0-1 Ryan Duff
Joe Miller ½-½ Feitong Wu
Paul Ryan 0-1 Mike Weatherall

Tuesday 29th October 2019

Chris Goodall 1-0 Tim Wrigley
John Liddle 0-1 David Wrigley
Paul Sumner 1-0 Peter Crichton
Alistair Ridley 1-0 Dave Humphreys
Denise Mosse 1-0 Dave Foster Jnr

Monday 28th October 2019

Last updated: 27th October 2019

Bold means a player is tied to this team.

Italic means a player has used their free game on board 3, and will be tied to this team if they play again on boards 1-3.

Red bold and red italic are recent changes. There aren’t any yet.

Forest Hall A Max Turner, Tim Wall, Yichen Han, Caveh Madjdpour
Forest Hall B Zheming Zhang, Mark Younger, Ravi Wariyar, John Wall jnr
Forest Hall C Mike Smith, Mehdi Mazarei, Steve Bowey
Forest Hall D Stuart Skelsey, Ciaran McDonald, Morgan French
Forest Hall E Jamie McIntosh, Weiming Xu, Ryan Duff

Gosforth Empire James Moreby, Andy Lawson, Mick Riding
Gosforth Ivy Chris Goodall, Paul Sumner, Jack Erskine-Pereira
Gosforth Salters Joe Chan, Martin Beardsley, Mark McKay
Gosforth Woodbines Noel Boustred, Gary Clarke, Steve Wilde

Leam Lane Aces David Walker, Graeme Oswald, Norman Solomon

Morpeth A Roger Coathup, Mike Smyth, James Turner, Richard Symonds
Morpeth B Phil Eastlake, Bob Mitcheson, Geoff Loxham

South Shields A Dave Mooney, John Boyd, Paul Bielby, Yaroslav Kolodiy, Kevin Rowden
South Shields B Konstantinos Delidimoudis, Kevin Rowden, Dave Patterson
South Shields C Ian Maughan, Dave Peardon, Chris Sayers, Colin Campbell, Jim Riddle, Ben Wood

Tynemouth A David Henderson, Paul Dargan, Gary Cornwall
Tynemouth B Dave Jarema, Dave Hair, Steve Burnell
Tynemouth C Simon Matthews, Chris Smith, John Morton

Zheming Zhang ½-½ Dave Mooney
Ravi Wariyar 0-1 Paul Bielby
Mark Younger 1-0 Kevin Rowden
Mike Smith 1-0 Default
John Wall J 1-0 Default

Friday 25th October 2019

Christopher Sayers 0-1 Hanif Zaman
Colin Campbell 0-1 Mez Benmaamar
Jim Riddle 0-1 Ugo Oguejiofor
Ben Wood 0-1 Shawn Edgar Miranda
Jay Steel 1-0 Mohammed Alsharif

Thursday 24th October 2019

Thomas Eggleston 0-1 Roger Coathup
Douglas Smith 1-0 Mike Smyth
Robin Nandi 0-1 Richard Symonds
Dave Renton 0-1 James Turner
Jake Walker 0-1 Martin Seeber

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

James Moreby 1-0 Dave Jarema
Andy Lawson 1-0 Dave Hair
Mick Riding ½-½ Steve Burnell
John Wheeler 1-0 Keith Rockett
Ray Devenney ½-½ Ray Garside

Monday 21st October 2019

David Henderson 0-1 Yichen Han
Paul Dargan 1-0 Tim Wall
Gary Cornwall 1-0 Caveh Madjd-Pour
John Clarke 0-1 Stuart Skelsey
Darren Laws 1-0 Ciaran MacDonald

Tuesday 22nd October 2019