March 2019

Kevin Cox 0-1 George Ellames
Bill Noble 0-1 Ralph Firth
Peter Wells ½-½ Paul Castledine
Alex Johnson 1-0 Dennis Pattinson
Asa Bayram 1-0 Vincent Cowley

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Division 1 winner: Max Turner. Max scored 94% from 9 games; no other qualifying player managed 80%.

Division 2 winner: Stuart Skelsey on 88% beats out Gary Cornwall on 87%. Gary can feel aggrieved about running into Mick Riding in Division 2, but Stuart can point to a perfect score as a guest star in Division 1. Stuart and Gary were miles ahead of 3rd place.

Division 3 winner: TBC, as Asa Bayram, George Ellames and Peter Wells all have an interest in the outstanding Gateshead-Alnwick match.

Special Leaderboard Award: Paul Edwards, who didn’t play quite well enough in Division 1 or quite often enough in Division 2, but comes out with 8½/10 if the divisions are combined.

Endurance Award: Tim Wilton-Davies and Alan Welsh. Please come back next season?

Beachgoers should be aware that the recent warmer waters may attract larger than average marine life from the Mediterranean.

Eligibility Rule Expert:  Jay Steel, 18 games – a full season for 2 different teams.

Upside-Down Award: Eddie Czestochowski. 100% score in Division 1, 57% in Division 2, 0% in Division 3.

Symmetry Award: Andrew Lawson. 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats.

Talisman Award: Jeremy Revell. 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats, and in all 6 of those matches the team’s result was the same as Jeremy’s result.

For The Flag! Award: Mike Smyth. 4 times ended up on the losing side despite winning his game.

Mic Drop Award: Anu Chandra. Played for Leam Lane Aces against Morpeth A, scored the full point to win his team the match 3-2, and retired for the season.

Thomas Eggleston ½-½ Tim Wall
Ken Neat ½-½ Yichen Han
Douglas Smith ½-½ Caveh Madjdpour
Robin Nandi 0-1 Zheming Zhang
Joe Barr 0-1 Stuart Skelsey

Wednesday 20th March 2019

It is with great sadness that we report the death on Sunday, 17th March, of John France, a much-liked member of Gosforth Chess Club. He was 61 and had been seriously ill for some months.

A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, 2nd April, 12:45pm, at St. John the Baptist Church, Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JG (near Newcastle Central Station). (Reception afterwards at the Royal Station Hotel)

John was widely known as one of the friendliest, warmest people on the local chess scene, who would always have a kind word of encouragement for young players.

He served for some time as secretary of Gosforth Chess Club, and was a keen club, league and congress player in recent years. When he became ill, he donated many of his extensive collection of chess books to Forest Hall Chess Club, with the wish that they provide enjoyment and instruction for a new generation of players.

A devoted family man, he became more active as a chess player over the last decade after playing guitar in a popular local band, The Katy Freeway, under the stage name Dusty Roads, for several years.

John is survived by his partner Val, and his children Alice, Lizzie and Tom.

Mike Savin ½-½ Kevin Cox
Bede Porter 1-0 Bill Noble
Alan Blackburn 0-1 Peter Wells
Brendan Glasper 0-1 Alex Johnson
Roy Merrin 0-1 Asa Bayram

Thursday 14th March 2019

Colin Campbell 0-1 Antonio Moneva-Jordan
Asanga Gunasekera 0-1 Chris M Smith
Gary Hunter 0-1 Lewis Self
Dave Peardon 1-0 Joe Murray
Jim Riddle 1-0 Default

Thursday 14th March 2019

Derek Harris 0-1 Ian Rook
David Wrigley 1-0 Mehdi Mazarei
Steve Larkin 0-1 Alex Brodie
Dave Humphries 0-1 Jamie McIntosh
Dvid Foster 0-1 Ryan Duff

Thursday 14th March 2019

Maxim Miserva 0-1 Brian Towers
Hanif Zaman 1-0 Dave Patterson
Mez Benmaanar 0-1 Chris Sayers
Monty Fricker 0-1 Eddie Czestochowski
Luqmam Mohamed 1-0 Jay Steel

Thursday 14th March 2019

Keith Rockett ½-½ Ray Devenney
Dave Jarema ½-½ Paul Sumner
Steve Burnell ½-½ Martin Beardsley
Dave Hair 1-0 Default
Ray Garside ½-½ Joe Chan

Tuesday 12th March 2019

Paul Dargan 1-0 Chris Goodall
David Henderson ½-½ Mark Younger
John Clarke ½-½ Mike Smith
Gary Cornwall 1-0 John Wall Jnr
Paul Edwards 1-0 Ciaran Macdonald

Tuesday 12th March 2019