August 2017

An update on the website progress so far. I’m currently working on a local copy of the website and will update this website to include these new features on the 6th of August. The website may be down for a few hours while I transfer everything across. Here’s a list of the website updates that I have scheduled.

New Widgets

  • County Championship Winners – Shows the winner of each section on the most recent county championship
  • Top teams in each division – Shows the top 4 teams match and game points in each division
  • Plate and Knockout champion teams – Shows the winners of the plate and knockout summer tournament
  • Upcoming fixtures – Shows the next 4 upcoming fixtures
  • Upcoming Events – Shows the next 4 upcoming Congresses

Automatic Result Submission

I’ve decided to make the result process automatic. This means that as soon as a captain submits a result it will be processed and published automatically. This is the main reason I want to stop people using initials. If captains use initials frequently then I am going to have to remove this feature. Use full names and try to keep correct spelling of players names. This makes it much easier to keep the website running and as up to date as possible. If you submit a wrong result or make a typo, email with the correct result and it will  be fixed as soon as possible.

Submit Result Suggestions

The submit a result page will now remember players from other teams and display as a suggestion. This means once a player has played their first match for a team they will be added to the list and they will be added as a suggestion to any future matches. Saving time for captains to input results.

Fixtures Page

Once the result has been submitted it updates the fixtures page. This is useful to tell which teams have played their fixtures and which are outstanding. This needs to be kept up to date as best as possible so if you’re scheduling a rearrangement you need to speak to the league conductor

Twitter Updates

I’m looking into linking the posts made on the website to the NCA twitter account. So if anyone wants to follow the results as they come in follow our twitter handle for instant updates as results come in.


I’m looking to keep track better of local congresses for the website. So if you’re running a congress local to the north east please let me know and we can put your event on our home page widget. It would also be useful if you could include a PDF of the event.