June 2017

I’ve decided after this season to make some modifications to the website and how the results are handled. From next season, all results will be processed instantly after submission. This means it’s extremely important for captains to not submit results with initials. Following the automatic processing you will be able to select between 5 and 10 boards when inputting the result but only the top 5 boards count towards game points. The fixtures page will also be updated to include the results from the matches. We will highlight any fixtures that haven’t been submitted the result after a week. This means captains will have to tell the league conductor when fixtures have been rescheduled.

A few other small notes to make:

  • The submit a result page will now automatically set the date to the current day instead of the 1st of January.
  • Pagination will be included on the home page, so you can navigate between past posts easily.
  • Below the “Filter by Team” options on the home page, there will be a new widget that will display the top 4 teams in division one.
  • I have created a widget to input upcoming events. If you want an event published on the website, contact info@northumberlandchess.com and we will publish your congress.
  • Chris Goodall has kindly offered to help me run and keep the website up to date.

I will add to this list as new updates happen. The website will be down for a day in late August to make way for the new updates. I will create another post a few weeks in advance when this will happen.