December 2016

Mariana Mosnegutu 1-0 Michael Mcbeth
David Wrigley 1-0 Paul Costello
Tim Wrigley ½-½ John France
Peter Crichton 1-0 David Stebbings
Derek Blair 0-1 Stefan Hartmann

Tuesday 06th December 2016

Players who have now become tied to a team and ineligible for lower-ranked teams:

Beardsley, Martin (Gosforth Ivy)
Bentham, Jeff (Forest Hall Chieftains)
Brooks, Keith (Forest Hall Ensigns)
Izod, Chris (Jesmond Knights)
Moneva-Jordan, Antonio (Tynemouth C)
Turner, James (Morpeth A)
Whittle, Les (Morpeth B)
Younger, Mark (Forest Hall Brigadiers)
Zaman, Hanif (Forest Hall Chieftains)

Players who have now used their free board 3 game. These players will become tied to a team, and ineligible for lower-ranked teams, if they play again on board 3:

Broughton, Mark (Forest Hall Ensigns)
Clarke, Gary (Gosforth Ivy)
Dalton, Joseph (Gosforth Empire)
Han, Yichen (Forest Hall Brigadiers)
Henderson, David (Tynemouth A)
Maughan, Ian (South Shields A)
Morton, John (Tynemouth C)
Welsh, Alan (Morpeth B)
Wheeler, John (Gosforth Empire)

Black – player is tied to this team
Red italics – player has used up their 1 free game on board 3 for this team
Underlined: changes from the previous eligibility list

Alnwick A: P Hemsley, P Castledine, G Ellames, R Firth

Forest Hall Admirals: T Wall, Z Zhang, M Seeber
Forest Hall Brigadiers: S Skelsey, M Arora, J Wall snr, R Wariyar, M Younger, Y Han
Forest Hall Chieftains: Y Han, M Smith, H Zaman, J Bentham
Forest Hall Dragoons: S Bowey, J Baird
Forest Hall Ensigns: R Perrier, A Brodie, T McAllister, K Brooks, M Broughton

Gosforth Empire: J Moreby, D Armbruster, J Wheeler, J Dalton
Gosforth Regents: M McBeth, D Baynes,
 J France, D Stebbings
Gosforth Salters: G Harrison, K Moreby, P Sumner, D Stebbings
Gosforth Ivy: E Jarah, R Heyman, A Neville, M Beardsley, G Clarke

Jesmond Knights: M Prasath, E Dodds, J Turnock, J Urresti, C Izod

Leam Lane Aces: D Walker, K Gara, J Marsh

Morpeth A: R Coathup, M Smyth, R SymondsJ Turner
Morpeth B: J Turner, R Mitcheson, G Loxham, J Horton, L WhittleA Welsh

South Shields A: J Boyd, J Watson, P Niedbal, P Bielby,  I Maughan
South Shields B: B Towers, D Patterson, K Rowden

Tynedale Tans: K Mosnegutu, M Mosnegutu, T Wrigley

Tynemouth A: C Waters, P Dargan, M Riding, D Henderson
Tynemouth B: K Rockett, D Jarema, S Burnell
Tynemouth C: C Smith, L Self, W Penny, A Moneva-Jordan, J Morton

Joe Chan 1-0 Roy Perrier
Steve Wilde ½-½ Alexander Brodie
Tony Neville ½-½ Mark Broughton
Dave Turner ½-½ Keith Brookes
Brian Ord 1-0 Tom Mccalister

Monday 05th December 2016

Brian Towers 1-0 Roger Coathup
Dave Patterson 0-1 Mike Smyth
Kevin Rowden 1-0 James Turner
Colin Campbell ½-½ Bob Mitcheson
Dominik Schwarz 0-1 Les Whittle

Thursday 01st December 2016

Stuart Skelsey 0-1 Bob Micheson
Mark Younger 0-1 Geoff Loxham
Yichen Han 1-0 Les Whittle
Johnny Wall Jnr 1-0 Martin Shaw
Roy Perrier 0-1 Harry Robinson

Friday 02nd December 2016

Phil Hemsley 1-0 Chris Goodall
George Ellames ½-½ Victoria Chan
Paul Castledine 0-1 Michael Knight
Ralph Firth 1-0 Default
Richard Perry 1-0 Default

Wednesday 30th November 2016

David Wrigley 1-0 Ben Wood
Peter Crichton ½-½ Stan Johnson
Derek Blair 1-0 Gary Hunter
Steve Larkin ½-½ Mike Savin
Bruce Reed 1-0 Brendan Glasper

Sunday 29th November 2015

Alan Young ½-½ Yichen Han
David Stewardson ½-½ Mike Smith
Bob Forsythe 0-1 Jeff Bentham
Rob Appleby 0-1 Mark Broughton
Slawek Lernacinski 0-1 Jamie Mcintosh

Tuesday 29th November 2016

James Turner 0-1 Phil Hemsley
Bob Mitchell ½-½ George Ellames
Alan Welsh 1-0 Paul Castledine
Martin Shaw ½-½ Ralph Firth
Harry Robinson 0-1 Joe Pharoah

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

The sad news has been announced of the death of Roger Simpson, who for many years was a mainstay of the Durham County Chess Association and who as a chess player and organiser was held in great esteem and affection.

The funeral service for Roger Simpson is to be held at Durham Crematorium on Wednesday 7th December at 1.30 p.m., followed by refreshments at the Duke of Wellington. So that the family has some idea of how many to cater for, if you intend to come to the pub after the service would you please inform Ken Neat by phone (0191-3864795) or email (kp.neat[at] The Duke of Wellington (postcode DH1 3QN) is at the junction of the A167 and Lowes Barn Bank.