November 2016

Roger Coathup is giving a simultaneous on Wednesday 21 December at 6.15 at the Morpeth Club in aid of The Braille Chess Association. This organisation promotes chess among blind players. Entry is £5.00 and Morpeth Club provide refreshments. This is an annual event and several of our members have played in the past. It would be appreciated if anyone wishing to play could contact Les Whittle or David Watson to let them know. Contact details are on the Morpeth Chess Club website.

Roy Perrier ½-½ Harry Robinson
Alexander Brodie 1-0 David Watson
Keith Brooks ½-½ Barrie Crowther
Tom Mcallister ½-½ Andrew Levy
Robert Hudson 1-0 David Armstrong

Friday 25th November 2016

David Armbruster 1-0 Chris Izod
James Moreby 1-0 Default
Joseph Dalton ½-½ Edward Dodds
John Wheeler 1-0 John Turnock
Ron Plater 0-1 Andy Trevelyan.

Monday 21st November 2016

Ben Wood 0-1 Antonio Moneva-jordan
Stan Johnson 0-1 Christian Smith
Gary Hunter 0-1 John Morton
Mike Savin ½-½ Tom Hulley
Brendan Glasper 0-1 Joe Murrey

Thursday 24th November 2016

Richard Oxnard ½-½ Richard Perry
Dennis White ½-½ Michael Sergeant
Dennis Beagarie ½-½ Vincent Cowley
Bob Batten 1-0 Christopher Cox
Peter Combellack 1-0 Joe Hemsley

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Ravi Boora 0-1 Richard Oxnard
Varnu Boora 0-1 Dennis White
Sai Kumar 0-1 Dennis Beagarie
Oliver Wall 1-0 Peter Combellack
Suyash Dhull 1-0 Default

Friday 11th November 2016

Yichen Han 1-0 Bob Heyman
Jeff Bentham 1-0 Martin Beardsley
Hanif Zaman 0-1 Gary Clarke
Mark Broughton ½-½ Tony Neville
Jamie Mcintosh 1-0 Steve Wilde

Friday 18th November 2016

Clive Waters 0-1 Ken Neat
Paul Dargan 1-0 Philipp Berger
David Henderson 1-0 Szymon Palucha
Mike Riding 1-0 George Gazis
Darren Laws 1-0 Jvotirmoy Bhattacharya

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Peter Crichton 0-1 Mike Smith
Steve Larkin 1-0 Weiming Xu
Bruce Reed 1-0 Varnu Boora
Peter Booker 1-0 Tony Gao
Dave Humphreys 1-0 Ravi Boora

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

David Walker 1-0 John Boyd
Kirill Gara 0-1 Joe Watson
John Marsh 0-1 Ian Maughan
Robert Forsyth 1-0 Colin Campbell
Alan Young 1-0 Eddie Czestochowski

Tuesday 22nd November 2016