May 2016

All of the final round games have now been completed in line with the tournament schedule and I have updated Chess with all of the results.

I am now in a position to announce the results:

1st Place David Armbruster (6 points)
2nd Place Tim Wall (4.5 points)
John Boyd (4.5 points)
Alan Harvey (4.5 points)
James Moreby (4.5 points)

1st Place Zheming Zhang (6.5 points)
2nd Place Andy Trevelyan (5 points)
3rd Place John France (4.5 points)

1st Place Christian Smith (6 points)
2nd Place Mark Younger (5.5 points)
3rd Place Lewis Self (4.5 points)

Congratulations to David Armbruster, Zheming Zhang and Christian Smith for winning their respective sections. Very well played.

All of the sections were very competitive this year and are set to become even more competitive and difficult to win in future years as the standard of chess improves.