Jason Daglish 1-0 Keith Rockett
Bob Forsythe ½-½ Dave Hair
Dave Stewardson 0-1 Dave Jarema
Colin Mcgarty ½-½ Dave Mear
Rob Appleby 0-1 Ray Garside

Tuesday 02nd February 2016

David Armbruster ½-½ Thomas Eggleston
Paul Janiak 0-1 Ken Neat
Andy Lawson ½-½ Ian Watson
Alan Harvey ½-½ David Grant
James Moreby 1-0 Szymon Palucha

Tuesday 26th January 2016

Dominik Schwarz 1-0 Roy Perrier
Ben Wood 0-1 John Wall Jnr
Stan Johnson 1-0 Jamie Mcintosh
Mike Savin 1-0 Xu Weiming
Brendan Glasper 1-0 David Ridley

Thursday 28th January 2016

Roger Coathup 1-0 Zheming Zhang
Mike Smyth 1-0 Jesus Urresti
James Turner 1-0 Robert Archer
Darren Laws 1-0 Andy Trevelyan
Les Whittle ½-½ Dave Walshaw

Wednesday 27th January 2016

Klauss Mosnegutu 1-0 David Walker
Mariana Mosnegutu 1-0 Kirill Gara
David Wrigley 1-0 John Marsh
Gary Murphy 1-0 Jason Daglish
Alex Ashworth ½-½ Alan Young

Tuesday 26th January 2016

Joe Dalton ½-½ Chris Izod
John Wheeler ½-½ Ed Dodds
Josh Fernandes 0-1 John Turnock
Paul Sumner 0-1 Chris Wardle
Dave Baynes 0-1 Dave Walshaw

Monday 25th January 2016

Mark Broughton 1-0 Richard Oxnard
Johnny Wall 1-0 Dennis White
Robert Hudson 0-1 Bob Batten
Jaque Keal 0-1 Dennis Beagarie
Oliver Wall ½-½ Peter Combellack

Friday 22nd January 2016

Anyone who has an important game at Tynemouth this Tuesday should reschedule. The club will be on but in a walled off section downstairs. This could be quite loud so it would be best to change to another date if possible. The Pub hasn’t given me a date that the function room will be completed and able to use again. I will keep everyone updated when I Find out more.

Phil Eastlake 1-0 Dave Patterson
John Horton 0-1 Kevin Rowden
Alan Welsh 1-0 Colin Campbell
Robert Mitcheson 0-1 Eddie Czestochowski
Harry Robinson 0-1 Asanga Gunasekera

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Chris Smith 0-1 Peter Crichton
John Marton 0-1 Aex Ashworth
Bill Penny 0-1 Bruce Reed
Lewis Self 0-1 Steve Larkin
Joe Murray ½-½ Phil Taylor

Tuesday 19th January 2016