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Mike Smith 1-0 Eddie Czestochowski
Tatjana Kisseljov ½-½ Ben Wood
Oliver Wall 0-1 Asanga Gunasekera
Varno Booka 0-1 Stan Johnson
Sophia Kisseljov 0-1 Mike Savin
Alex Bradwell 0-1 Dave Parlour
Tanvi Manchenini 0-1 Gary Hunter
William Taverner 0-1 Brendan Glasper
Tony Gao 0-1 Allan Blackburn

Friday 16th October 2015

Alprazolam Buy Online

The 2015 Scarborough Chess Congress event is booked to be held at the Spa Centre, Scarborough from 23-25 October. As always there will be events for all strengths of player. You can enter online on the website by Order Brand Name Xanax Online Email Xanax Order Online Uk for more information.

Anyone who is planning on going to the Scarborough Chess Congress but haven’t got transport arranged yet, contact Remi Junges-Stainthorpe. He has two spaces in his car for the trip for anyone willing to split the petrol costs. His email is: Online Consultation Prescription Xanax