Tynemouth B 3-2 South Shields B

Posted by Lewis on November 7, 2018

Keith Rocket ½-½ Brian Towers
Paul Edwards 1-0 Kevin Rowden
Dave Hair 1-0 Chris Sayers
Ray Garside ½-½ Ben Wood
Joe Murray 0-1 Jay Steel

Tuesday 6th November 2018

NCA Chess Bulletin 2019

Posted by Lewis on November 6, 2018

Mick Riding is now collecting subscriptions for 2019 bulletins. Cost is £6 per annum, add £3.20 if postal delivery is required. There will be editions in January, April, June and September – working out at £1.50 per issue!

A pdf of issue 155 attached. Have a look then ask yourself – where else might I get a better value for money magazine and further, one where I can directly influence the content? Nowhere I think!

Better – subscribers will also be emailed a PGN copy of all games/positions on request. Bargain

Payment can be

  • Direct Transfer to NCA Account 03135077, Sort 30 93 71. Use your name as Reference please.
  • Cheque payable to NCA & post to me at 66 Greenhaugh, West Moor, NE12 7WA or by hand when we cross paths

Subscribe and enjoy.

Forest Hall F 3.5-1.5 Tynemouth D

Posted by Lewis on November 5, 2018

Jeff Bentham 1-0 Ray Garside
Ian Toward ½-½ Richard Oxnard
Ryan Duff 1-0 Peter Combellack
Morgan French (J) 0-1 Paul Richardson
Feitong Wu (J) 1-0 Default

Friday 2nd November 2018

Forest Hall E 3-2 Forest Hall F

Posted by Lewis on November 5, 2018

Steve Bowey 0-1 Mike Smith
Jeff Bentham 1-0 Default
Rolf Millar 0-1 Morgan French (J)
Mehdi Masarai 1-0 Ryan Duff
Weiming Xu (J) 1-0 Alex Brodie

Friday 19th October 2018

Forest Hall B 2.5-2.5 Morpeth B

Posted by Lewis on November 2, 2018

Zheming Zhang ½-½ Phil Eastlake
Max Turner 1-0 Martin Seeber
Chris Goodall 1-0 Geoff Loxham
Mark Younger 0-1 Bob Mitcheson
Mike Smith 0-1 Martin Shaw

Friday 2nd November 2018

South Shields E 0.5-4.5 Forest Hall E

Posted by Lewis on November 2, 2018

Mike Savin ½-½ Stephen Bowey
Ben Wood 0-1 Rolf Millar
Stan Johnson 0-1 Jeff Bentham
Alan Blackburn 0-1 Jeff Baird
Kevin Laneck 0-1 Weiming XU

Thursday 1st November 2018

Morpeth A 2-3 Leam Lane Aces

Posted by Lewis on November 1, 2018

Roger Coathup 0-1 David Walker
Mike Smyth 1-0 Kirill Gara
James Turner 0-1 Jason Daglish
Phil Kennedy 1-0 John Marsh
Phil Eastlake 0-1 And Chandra

Wednesday 31st October 2018

Tynemouth A 1.5-3.5 South Shields A

Posted by Lewis on October 31, 2018

David Henderson ½-½ David Mooney
Darren Laws 0-1 Yaroslav Kolodiy
John Clarke ½-½ Paul Bielby
Gary Cornwall 0-1 Kevin Rowden
Paul Edwards ½-½ Ian Maughan

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Jesmond Knights 0-5 Durham City

Posted by Lewis on October 30, 2018

Default 0-1 Thomas Eggleston
Andy Trevelyan 0-1 Jonny Pein
John Turnock 0-1 Ken Neat
Rob Archer 0-1 Szymon Palucha
Toby James 0-1 Robin Nandi

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Leam Lane B 2.5-2.5 South Shields D

Posted by Lewis on October 30, 2018

Dave Stewardson ½-½ Ben Wood
Rob Appleby 0-1 Stanley Johnson
Clive Briggs ½-½ Kuba Jakubowicz
Joe Miller ½-½ Jay Steel
Bill Wilkinson 1-0 Paul Elliott

Tuesday 30th October 2018