Gosforth E 3-2 South Shields C

Posted by Lewis on November 10, 2016

Noel Boustred ½-½ Ben Wood
Joe Chan 1-0 Stan Johnson
Steve Wild 1-0 Gary Hunter
Tony Neville ½-½ Mike Savin
Brian Ord 0-1 Brendan Glasper

Monday 07th November 2016

Morpeth C 0.5-4.5 Forest Hall Dragoons

Posted by Lewis on November 10, 2016

Dennis Patterson 0-1 Steve Bowey
David Watson ½-½ Jeff Baird
Barrie Crowther 0-1 Rolf Millar
Andrew Levy 0-1 Mark Broughton
David Armstrong 0-1 Jamie Mcintosh

Wednesday 09th November 2016

Eligibility after week 3-4

Posted by Chris Goodall on November 6, 2016

Black – player is tied to this team
Red italics – player has used up their 1 free game on board 3 for this team
Underlined: changes from the previous eligibility list

Alnwick A: P Hemsley, P Castledine, G EllamesR Firth

Forest Hall Admirals: T Wall, Z Zhang, M Seeber
Forest Hall Brigadiers: S Skelsey, M Arora, J Wall snr
Forest Hall Chieftains: Y Han, M Smith, H Zaman
Forest Hall Dragoons: J Bentham, S Bowey, J Baird
Forest Hall Ensigns: R Perrier, A Brodie, T McAllister

Gosforth Regents: M McBeth, D Baynes, J France
Gosforth Salters: G Harrison, K Moreby, P Sumner, D Stebbings
Gosforth Ivy: E Jarah, R Heyman, A Neville

Jesmond Knights: M Prasath, E Dodds, J Turnock

Leam Lane Aces: D Walker, K Gara, J Marsh

Morpeth A: R Coathup, M Smyth, R Symonds
Morpeth B: J Turner, R Mitcheson, G LoxhamJ Horton, L Whittle

South Shields A: J Watson, P Niedbal, P Bielby
South Shields B: B Towers, D Patterson, K Rowden

Tynedale Tans: K Mosnegutu, M Mosnegutu, T Wrigley

Tynemouth A: C Waters, P Dargan, M Riding
Tynemouth B: K Rockett, D Jarema, S Burnell
Tynemouth C: C Smith, L Self, W Penny

Forest Hall Brigadiers 3-2 Gateshead

Posted by Lewis on November 5, 2016

Stuart Skelsey 1-0 Peter Wells
Manoj Arora 1-0 Bill Noble
John Wall Snr 1-0 Nikolaus Litvisko
Paul Charlton 0-1 Denise Mosse
Johnny Wall Jnr 0-1 Alex Johnson

Friday 04th November 2016

Jesmond Rookies 3.5-1.5 Gosforth Salters

Posted by Lewis on November 4, 2016

John Turnock 1-0 Paul Sumner
Andy Trevelyan ½-½ Geoff Harrison
Rob Archer ½-½ Dave Stebbing
Dave Walshaw 1-0 Joe Chan
Liam Dobson ½-½ Martyn Beardsley

Friday 28th October 2016

Alnwick A 2.5-2.5 Tynemouth B

Posted by Lewis on November 4, 2016

Phil Hemsley 1-0 Keith Rockett
George Ellames ½-½ David Jarema
Paul Castledine 0-1 Steve Burnell
Ralph Firth ½-½ Dave Hair
Joe Pharoah ½-½ Ray Garside

Wednesday 02nd November 2016

Leam Lane Bullets 0.5-4.5 Morpeth B

Posted by Lewis on November 2, 2016

Jason Daglish 0-1 James Turner
Dave Stewardson 0-1 Bob Mitcheson
Rob Appleby 0-1 Les Whittle
Colin Mcgarty 0-1 John Horton
Clive Briggs ½-½ Harry Robinson

Tuesday 01st November 2016

South Shields B 0-5 Durham City

Posted by Lewis on October 29, 2016

Brian Towers 0-1 Thomas Eggliston
Dave Patterson 0-1 P Bergner
Kevin Rowden 0-1 Ken Neat
Colin Campbell 0-1 Szymon Palucha
Dominik Schwarz 0-1 Robin Nandi

Thursday 27th October 2016

Tynemouth C 5-0 Forest Hall F

Posted by Lewis on October 28, 2016

Christian Smith 1-0 Mark Broughton
Lewis Self 1-0 Charlie Mooney
Bill Penny 1-0 Varun Boora
Tom Hulley 1-0 Sai Kumar
Joe Murrey 1-0 Suyash Dhull

Tuesday 25th October 2016

South Shields C 2.5-2.5 Morpeth C

Posted by Lewis on October 28, 2016

Ben Wood 0-1 Martin Shaw
Stan Johnson ½-½ Harry Robinson
Asanga Gunasekera 0-1 David Watson
Mike Savin 1-0 Andrew Levy
Brendan Glasper 1-0 David Armstrong

Friday 07th October 2016