County Championship Results

Posted by Lewis on May 22, 2017

All of the games from the 7th and final round of this year’s County Championship have now been played.

This year’s competitions attracted a total of 42 entries and, building upon the success of previous years, have continued to establish their own firm position within the annual chess cycle. That position has been underpinned by not only the volume of entries, but the playing strength of each competition that has improved each year.
All of the sections within this year’s County Championship progressed in accordance with the tournament schedule and I would like to thank each and every competitor for enabling this to be achieved. Here’s a list of the top 3 from each section. If you want to find out the full standings, click the list below.


  1. Roger Coathup 5.0 (25.5)
  2. Zhemming Zhang 5.0 (23.5)
  3. Tim Wall 4.5


  1. Yichen Han 5.5
  2. John Wall Jnr 4.0 (27.0)
  3. David Walshaw 4.0 (23.5)


  1.  John Wall jnr 5.5
  2. Lewis Self 5.0 (30)
  3. Kevin Cox 5.0 (25.5)