Online entries are now being accepted for the Northumbria Masters 2019, which will take place at a superb new venue, Novotel Newcastle Airport, on 23-27 August, 2019.

There are 3 FIDE-rated tournaments, each of 9 rounds: Northumbria Masters, Challengers (Under 2050 FIDE, 180 ECF) & Major (Under 1825, 150 ECF). In addition, there is a one-day Junior Rapidplay on Friday 23 August. The total prize fund for all events is £5,100, thanks to generous sponsorship from Capital Bridging Finance Solutions, the English Chess Federation and Northumberland Chess Association. To take advantage of special room rates at Novotel Newcastle Airport (£69 single occupancy, £79 double occupancy) book via:

You can download a copy of the entry form via the ECF website. More info is available from (now live).

Paul is still looking for one player for the next 4NCL weekend. Anyone over ~185 would be guaranteed a game against a GM on the Saturday

The North East team in 4NCL Division 1 has so far managed to gather 4 points from 6 matches to take into the second half of the season. The team will be missing several players for the 3rd weekend when they will play the mighty Guildford 1st team (Adams, Jones, McShane, Sadler, etc.) and then a more important match, probably against Oldham 3Cs. If anyone is interested in playing the dates are 16-17 March and the weekend takes place in Telford.

Anyone interested should contact Paul via email, with 4NCL in the title of the email: paul.dargan[at]

Once this season is over, roughly around the start of May I will be moving the website over to a better hosting provider. Hopefully this will speed up the website loading times but other than that, should have no effect. However, for a few days the website could be will as it transitions. As the season comes to a close I will announce the date this will take place. If anyone has any questions or needs the website to be up for a specific date please let me know

Sadly, due to a sudden family bereavement, the Northumbria Masters will not now be going ahead on its scheduled dates of February 16-20, 2019. It is planned to organize the event in the same format later in the year.

All entrants so far will be reimbursed immediately. Any questions should be addressed to: timpeterwall [at] gmail [dot] com

A longer announcement is available on the Forest Hall Chess Club website.

To try to engender some interest/enthusiasm, particular amongst the young, Tynedale Chess Club are going to hold a simultaneous display at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham at 11am on Saturday 12th January. Yichen Han has agreed to participate and we are planning for 20 boards. Boards will be allocated on a first come first served basis and those interested in playing can email

This is mainly a post for all club webmasters. I’ve created a WordPress plugin which allows you to display a live copy of the NCA table and fixtures on your club websites. It allows you to filter the fixtures down to your own club so you don’t have to go searching on this website for fixtures you’re interested in. If your club website runs on WordPress give me an email if you want to get a copy of the plugin. I plan on adding a lot of new features to this plugin if enough clubs decide to take it up. If you’re interested you can view it working on the South Shields Chess Club website.

Hi, I’m Chris Goodall. You may remember me from such Northumbria League editions as 2013: A New IM, 2014: Durham City Strike Back, and 2015: Return Of… Nope, Durham City Again. Yes, I’ve eaten a whole packet of biscuits since then.

John Wheeler has made this amazing league handbook. It’s not as thick as the Handbuch des Schachspiels, but it’s got the league rules and the grades of every chess player in the county in it, so it’s even more valuable to the connoisseur of Northumberland chess. You can buy one for £2, or €2.50 if you pay me before March 29th.

I’ve resurrected the Eligibility page, because I probably like eligibility rules more than I like chess. I’ve also asked our Web Team to turn comments on. Why even be a chess player if you can’t have opinions about important matters of extremely local interest? The Exchange French remains banned, though.

Anyone who would like to join Forest Hall Chess Club members for an evening of big-screen TV commentary and blitz is welcome to join us from 5pm Wednesday onwards.

We will have a projector and screen, and be watching live commentary from Chess24, Judit Polgar and Simon Williams, etc. We’ll also play some blitz games and in general enjoy the occasion.

It’s upstairs at the Forest Hall Ex-Servicemen’s Institute (the chess club) and is open to everyone!

Come along and join the fun!

South Shields Chess Club working in partnership with South Tyneside Libraries are now pleased to offer the opportunity to play chess on a Saturday Afternoon between 2pm and 4pm at the new Central Library in South Shields. This is a great opportunity for the general public and in particular young children to play much more casual chess in an open and friendly environment. Making chess more publicly accessible can only be a positive thing.

The Word, also known as the National Centre for the Written Word is much more than a typical library and is well worth a visit. If you find yourself in the area please drop by and see us.

I’ve decided to make it easier for Northumberland Chess members to post to the website. I have created a page called “Create an Article”. You are able to create your own article and save it as a draft on the website. After it has been checked over and approved it will be displayed on the front page.