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Richard Oxnard ½-½ Dominik Schwarz
Phil Jackson 1-0 Asanga Gunaskera
Dennis White 0-1 Stan Johnson
Bob Batten 0-1 Mike Savin
Peter Combellack 1-0 Garry Hunter

Tuesday 09th February 2016

Alprazolam Online

Brian Towers 1-0 John Wall Snr
Dave Patterson 1-0 Paul Charlton
Kevin Rowden 1-0 John Wall Jnr
Colin Campbell 0-1 Mark Broughton
Eddie Czestochowski 1-0 Keith Brooks

Thursday 04th February 2016

Xanax To Buy

Peter Chrichton ½-½ Jeff Bentham
Jeremy Hardley ½-½ Steve Black
Alex Ashworth 1-0 Rolf Millar
Steve Larkin 0-1 Steve Bowey
Phil Taylor 0-1 Jose Grueso

Tuesday 02nd February 2016