Joe Watson ½-½ Tim Wall
Piotr Niedbal 1-0 Zheming Zhang
Paul Bielby 1-0 Martin Seeber
Ian Maughan 0-1 Ravi Wariya
Eddie Czestochowski 0-1 Mark Younger

Thursday 13th October 2016

Thomas Eggliston 0-1 David Walker
Ken Neat 1-0 Kirill Gara
Phillip Gergner 1-0 John Marsh
Szymon Palucha ½-½ Jason Daglish
Jayts Bacch ½-½ Alan Young

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Roger Coathup 0-1 Klauss Mosnegutu
Mike Smyth 0-1 Mariana Mosnegutu
Richard Symonds ½-½ Tim Wrigley
James Turner 1-0 Peter Crichton
Les Whittle 1-0 Derek Blair

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Clive Waters 1-0 Brian Towers
Paul Dargon ½-½ Dave Patterson
Mick Riding 1-0 Kevin Rowden
Darren Laws 1-0 Colin Campbell
John Clarke ½-½ Dominik Schwarz

Sunday 11th October 2015

This is an initiative by the parents to develop the North-East as a chess hub. These events will be FIDE rated and a strong emphasis will be on the training for Juniors during the tournaments and weekend chess club in Newcastle upon Tyne. Four sections – the Foundation (U50), Minor (U135), Major (U170) and Open.

The event will take place on October 29, 2016

Lancastrian Suite
Lancaster Road
NE11 9JR

For more information contact Manoj Arora
Web: http://www.chessdorm.com

Tynedale and Morpeth agreed to play an annual match in memory of Jeremy Handley who played for Morpeth for many years and then transferred to Tynedale when he found travelling too much. The first match took place last night at Tynedale’s new venue, Corstopitum Social Club, Corbridge. They managed to get teams of 12 and played under league rules, time control all moves in 90 mins. The games were played in a friendly but competitive style and I am sure Jeremy would have been proud. For all those interested the results are as follows:

Tynedale 5 – 7 Morpeth

Marina Mosnegutu ½-½ Roger Coathup
David Wrigley 0-1 Mike Smyth
Gary Murphy 1-0 Alan Welsh
Tim Wrigley 0-1 Bob Micheson
Peter Crichton 0-1 Les Whittle
Alex Ashworth 0-1 John Horton
Steve Larkin ½-½ Martin Shaw
Derek Blair 1-0 Dennis Patterson
Bruce Reed 1-0 Andrew Levy
Dave Foster Jnr 0-1 David Watson
Dave Humphreys 0-1 Barrie Crowther
Damian Rudge 1-0 David Armstrong

The closing date for entries to this year’s County Championship events is midnight on Saturday 1st October 2016The draw for Round 1 will be published on Sunday 2nd October. The format is the same as in previous years, a 7 round Swiss with a schedule that means that each competitor plays 1 game a month from October to April next year. There are 3 sections – Open, U170, U140.
If anyone wants to enter, all you need to do is email your entry to the organiser kurtmoreby@gmail.com. Just tell him which section you’d like to play in. 
The latest list of entrants has been updated on Chess-Results.com so that everyone can see how this year’s tournaments are shaping up.
Please see a link below that will take you to the Starting Rank page for each competition.

The Northumberland Congress will be held from Friday 23rd September 2016 until Sunday 25th September 2016. The ECF Jan 2016 grading list will be used for entries but Aug 2016 for pairing. Again, the open will be FIDE rated. The Congress will be held at:

The Parks Leisure Centre,
Howdon Road,
Royal Quays
North Shields,
North Tyneside,
NE29 6TL

For more information Download The Entry Form or Visit the Congress Website