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Last updated: 8th December 2019

Bold means a player is tied to this team.

Italic means a player has used their free game on board 3, and will be tied to this team if they play again on boards 1-3.

Red bold and red italic are recent changes.

Forest Hall A Max Turner, Tim Wall, Yichen Han, Caveh Madjdpour, Mike Smith
Forest Hall B Zheming Zhang, Mark Younger, Ravi Wariyar, Chris Ray, John Wall jnr,  Stuart Skelsey
Forest Hall C Mike Smith, Mehdi Mazarei, John Wall jnr, Steve Bowey, Morgan French
Forest Hall D Stuart Skelsey, Ciaran McDonald, John Wall snr, Morgan French
Forest Hall E Jamie McIntosh, Weiming Xu, Jeff Bentham, Ryan Duff, Jeff Baird

Gosforth Empire James Moreby, Andy Lawson, Mick Riding, Joseph Dalton
Gosforth Ivy Chris Goodall, Paul Sumner, John Liddle, Jack Erskine-Pereira, Alistair Ridley
Gosforth Salters Joe Chan, Martin Beardsley, Dave Stebbings, Mark McKay
Gosforth Woodbines Noel Boustred, Gary Clarke, Bob Heyman, Steve Wilde

Leam Lane Aces David Walker, Graeme Oswald, Jason DaglishKirill Gara, Norman Solomon, John Marsh

Morpeth A Roger Coathup, Mike Smyth, James Turner, Richard Symonds
Morpeth B Phil Eastlake, Bob Mitcheson, Martin Seeber, Geoff Loxham, Alan Welsh

South Shields A Dave Mooney, John Boyd, Paul Bielby, Yaroslav Kolodiy, Kevin Rowden
South Shields B Konstantinos Delidimoudis, Kevin Rowden, Brian Towers, Dave Patterson, Eddie Czestochowski
South Shields C Ian Maughan, Dave Peardon, Chris Sayers, Colin Campbell, Jim Riddle, Ben Wood

Tynemouth A David Henderson, Paul Dargan, Gary Cornwall, Clive Waters
Tynemouth B Dave Jarema, Dave Hair, Steve Burnell, John Clarke
Tynemouth C Simon Matthews, Chris Smith, John Morton, Keith Marshall, Antonio Moneva-Jordan